Core skills and strengths:

Engineering innovation


DE is the world leading provider of Hydrodynamic Counter Current Chromatography (HdCCC) technology with our branded range of Spectrum High Performance Counter Current Chromatography (HPCCC) processors.


Since the launch of the company as a spin out from Brunel University, UK, the processors have evolved along a series of developments to improve their robustness and usability in a wide range of process applications.


This has come about through investing in:


The research and understanding of the fundamental fluid dynamic engineering principles involved in the hydrodynamic technology.


The mechanical engineering requirements of the J type centrifuge in order to develop the high g field required in continuous operation to optimise the performance in a wide range of applications, extend the longevity of the processors, reduce the service and maintenance costs.


The material science which enables the right materials to be selected and used for the high-performance components

The design for manufacturing, precision engineering and construction techniques which bring everything together into a state of the art and science counter current separation (CCS) processor.


[the term counter current separation (CCS) is synonymous with the original term counter current chromatography (CCC) and is often now used in its place as a more appropriate term for the application of the technologies in the general field of liquid/liquid separation].


Innovation in science


Exceptional processing technology requires exceptional scientific skills in order to develop applications for the technology and optimise its output otherwise it is nothing more than an interesting and very clever tool.


The very high level of interest and use in laboratories both in research institutes and universities all over the world in CCS/CCC as a processing tool for separating target compounds from complex mixtures demonstrates its potential. In fact, in some countries such as China, Brazil, India, etc where natural product science is a key industry it is the go to tool for separating novel and new target compounds from plant extracts and other biomass.


The Dynamic Extractions scientific team are recognised and highly regarded for their expertise in the application and innovation in all aspects of process development involving the extraction, separation, purification and provision of target compounds from any starting source material.


The company invests considerably in highly skilled people, research projects both funded by the company itself and grant funded in collaboration with universities for post graduate Masters, PhD and post-doctoral projects.

The company has fully equipped laboratories for customer feasibility studies, development work, its own research projects and the preparation of small quantities of the highly purified target compounds.


Our very wide academic, research institute collaboration network along with a close association with our contract manufacturing partner, BioExtractions Wales Ltd, enables us to facilitate both discovery and development projects. This prepares the platform for scale up work and commercial manufacture of the target compounds at the kilo scale right through to the 100kg scale and beyond at our shared facilities in Wales.


Many of the target compounds are intended for clinical evaluation and so by working with contract manufacturing partners we can develop processes and prepare products meeting Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements and regulations.

The science team provides consultancy services to assist in product development and training for customers in the application and use of the technology platforms.


The benefits and outcomes from the Dynamic Extractions approach to investment in people and knowledge and enabling innovation through science, engineering, partnership and collaboration


It is this overall approach to innovation in engineering from our roots at Brunel university that has established and maintains Dynamic Extractions position at the leading edge of Hydrodynamic Counter Current Chromatography (HdCCC) technology and experts in the field of liquid/liquid separation and purification techniques.


As a consequence of this huge repository of knowledge in engineering supported by our industrial and academic partners in engineering and continued “in house” innovation, Dynamic Extractions are now launching a new range of processors which revolutionise the use of CCC/CCS for commercial applications. This now brings the huge advantages of liquid/liquid separation into a commercial setting at an industrial scale.

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