CCC Instruments

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We manufacture chromatography instruments for laboratory (gram) through to production (kilo) scale separation, purification and concentration of target compounds.
Large scale applications coming soon.


  • Choice of Counter Current Chromatography (CCC) or liquid - liquid chromatography.
  • CCC instruments provide:
    • High sample recovery
    • Low solvent usage
    • Highly selective linear volumetric scale-up
  • Sources can comprise complex and unrefined mixtures of compounds.
  • CCC can be used in almost all processing industries.  Examples include Drug Discovery, Natural Products, Waste Stream Recovery and Synthetic Chemistry applications.
  • Laboratories in the UK and USA. ​
  • Science, Projects and Contract Separation Services are available.

News and Events

CCC 2014 - July 23-25: 8th Conference on Countercurrent Chromatography

Separation technology and scale-up of separation processes are one of the major challenges facing industry today. This conference series highlights the progress being made in new processes where the sample is simply kept in a liquid stream.

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