CCC Instruments

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CCC instrument operation requires fluidic control to;

  • Select the direction of mobile phase flow through the column
  • Select the column to be used
  • Interface with test and measurement equipment

Sample injection is unique compared with other forms of chromatography. Samples being dissolved in either phase of the solvent system or sometimes as a mixtures of the two.

Injection volumes can be as large as 10 - 15% of the column volume. In DE equipment injection is typically through a sample loop which is combined into one valve box. (Manual and automated options).

Valve Box Comparison
       Manual      Automatic
HPCCC Column Selection            Y           Y
Mode Selection
(Normal Phase/Reverse Phase)
           Y           Y
Sample Injection Manual fill –
Manual injection
Manual fill –
Automated injection
Maximum Number Samples          1           9
HPCCC Instrument Compatibility Spectrum/Midi     Spectrum