CCC Instruments

Science & Solutions

We are a high technology company, established in 2003 from a “spin out” from Brunel University, where this type of CCC technology was developed.

Our technology can be used in most all processing industries for separating, ultra-purification and concentration of target compounds taken from complex and/or unrefined mixtures of compounds.

This technology has become particularly valuable to the life science industries, where it is used in both the discovery and commercial sectors, in isolating of very high value active pharmaceutical and nutritional products for example.

DE‘s core objectives:

  • Innovation, design and development of CCC Science & Technology for commercial application  

DE’s key development goals:

  • Establish CCC 'Centre of excellence' at key development sites around the world; India, East & West coast US, Brazil, China, Europe. 
  • Partner and align with key industry users & stakeholders
  • Develop competing technologies to equivalent ground breaking standards 

The limitations of CCC technology have not been fully determined, we seek to explore these limits whist offering commercially viable solutions to industry because the full field of application is still relatively unexplored. 


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